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The Perpetual Andragogy Wiki

Page history last edited by Kathleen LAS 12 years, 5 months ago





Adult Learners

Career Changers

and Educators



Are you thinking about returning or have you returned to College?


Did you get downsized or need today's technology for your job?


Do you want to know more about Web 2.0?


Educators, do you want to know how

to better reach your Non-Traditional Students?


Great! You are in the Right Place!


Have you joined this workspace?





Start Here




About                   Contact                   Website











All photos, unless otherwise noted, are attributed to the respective Artist via

  (flickr and creative commons logos dimnikolov  Ivan Walsh)

spotlight photo and gifs from tinypic









Comments (13)

Gardener said

at 7:34 am on Jul 14, 2010

Hi Kathleen, I like your links to PBWorks manual and videos in your Sidebar. I was unable to get fullscreen view by clicking arrow to hide right-hand column. The people with whom I volunteer are only interested in using a website as briefly as possible. Taking a course is not up their alley but I think they would be open to one on one instruction. I've been adding computer hints to my wikis to help people utilize computers with less frustration. I was hoping your I Need to Brush Up On My Technology link would include such hints. Thanks very much for sharing your wiki. Debby

Kathleen said

at 8:59 am on Jul 14, 2010

I found a very nice resource: Paul Gil has a wonderful Blog on About.com called Internet for Beginners. I have emailed him for permission to link to his pages so that they are accessible through the Boomers and Beyond and I Need to Brush Up on My Technology Pages.

Gardener said

at 7:36 am on Jul 14, 2010

The arrow just worked so no problem. Debby

Mrs. Train said

at 8:49 am on Jul 14, 2010

Beautifully organized wiki! You've given me some ideas, too. Shayne, a mentor from PBworks camp

Kathleen said

at 8:56 am on Jul 14, 2010

Thank You so much! :D Will I be able to see yours also? (I know not all are public because of School restrictions, so I understand if not)

Margaret S said

at 5:59 pm on Jul 15, 2010

How did you "set up" your "Join the Discussion" and FAQs?

Kathleen LAS said

at 8:32 pm on Jul 15, 2010

First create a Discussions Page and leave blank. Then you have to set up your Tall.ki "get your own embeddable forum with tal.ki" is at the bottom of the Discussion Board. When you have that set up, insert the code given you with the plug-in tool. FAQ - Create FAQ Page and put what you want on it. Now you must edit your sidebar. Go to the bottom of your sidebar where it says "edit sidebar" Put your two titles, Discussion and FAQ, on the Sidebar page and link to the respective page. I plan on having a page "media used on this wiki" just haven't gotten to it yet :)

Donna said

at 3:16 pm on Jul 18, 2010

Nice job! I really like your animoto, I coordinate our districts 18 -21 program and often have to inform students, parents, teachers, agencies about available resources. Your animoto is a great intro for something like that.

Donna said

at 3:27 pm on Jul 18, 2010

Where did you get your spotlight page of the day icon or keynote or PowerPoint...? Great Idea!

Kathleen LAS said

at 2:18 pm on Jul 19, 2010

I put the response on your PBworks page but will answer here also. The spotlight page of the day I made with a tiny pic photo and put a text box over it in Publisher. Feel free to use it. If you want to put your own font in, go to the bottom of this page, there's a link to the spotlight photo. I don't have a PowerPoint on here. Did you mean the screencast with screenr? Am looking for your final project. :)

Schmittsky said

at 5:57 pm on Jul 18, 2010

Great wiki!! I am having trouble writing beside pictures or plugins. Can you give me a clue on how you got that to work for you? I would appreciate it.

Kathleen LAS said

at 11:18 pm on Jul 18, 2010

Sure! Remember how we were shown to insert a table on the Webinar? That's what you use as your layout a tool. Go to the Writer's page on this wiki for the screencast on how to insert a table. There's also a step by step on next to the screencast.

Schmittsky said

at 8:23 am on Jul 19, 2010

Thanks Kathleen. I will try it.

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